The World Wild West

 I always love to compare online marketing and social media these days, with living in the Old Wild West. It truly is a World Wild West on the Internet today. Amazing new possibilities but also new rules and laws, in a brand new economy. The best time to start educating yourself. Just my humble cowboy opinion!


Along with all my marketing and video editing tutorials, you can find right here on my website, I also help artists personally with their marketing projects. Finding creative ways to connect with their audience and bringing their talents out into the world. Setting them up so they are free to do what they are good at. Creating and sharing there Art.

Online folks know me as DMC, Digital Marketing Cowboy. Why this online persona? Well just because it’s fun. Yes, Business can be fun. especially if you do what you love.


Marketing & Crowdfunding  

Marketing and crowdfunding your Art. Read my fun and free E-book which includes a step by step worksheet and real-world case study of one of my projects.

Video Editing & Marketing Tutorials

Tutorials on video editing and online marketing concepts. Advice and feedback on your video editing projects. Check out these video tutorials.

Complete Marketing & Hosting Package

Be part of a select group of artists for which I coordinate their marketing infrastructure. Website hosting / marketing plan and social media linking.

Riding The Online Rodeo,

Overcoming overwhelm and finding your grip.

When I just started out with my online marketing business, got up into in the saddle’ so to speak, it often felt like “riding the rodeo.” Being tossed around by all kinds of Wild West stories and advice. Finding the right advice and getting personal positive feedback is crucial to self-motivation and growth.

You might as well do what you love.

It Only Takes One Click…

Leveraging what works

The best challenge in marketing is finding out what works. Using different kinds of marketing tools to measure your results. Through which channels are people finding you? And once you find these golden nuggets up in the hills, all you need to do is duplicate. Copy the things at work.

Where do I Find My Audience ?

Finding your audience has never been easier. Thanks to social media vlogs and blogs on different topics, the ways to find people who you would like to connect with are literally at your fingertips. When you come from the time where there were only three TV channels it’s hard to imagine that you can really put your ad out there for a very small fraction of the price and be massively more efficient and targeted.

Connecting with your Audience

Knowing exactly what kind of people you would like to attract. As the saying goes : marketing to everyone is like marketing to no one. This is actually the most fun part because you get to choose with who you want to interact. We sometimes forget that the world is so diverse. If you like collecting old rusty horseshoes, chances are you have an enormous audience out there. But only if you expand your thinking and start discovering the World Wild West on global scale.

My Approach & Philosophy

Many creative people are amazingly talented at their Art. Still, when it comes to putting that Art in front of the right people, selling it, generating income, they somehow lose track and totally forget there creative power.

In all marketing books, there is talk about connecting with people on an emotional level. Isn’t this precisely what you the creative person, are doing all the time. Isn’t this what you are good at?

It says: People initially buy with their emotions and rationalize later. My approach is: You already possess the essential skills you need. This, together with some basic marketing skills can really empower you as an artist and creator.


Every week I post new content here on my website. Feel free to share or comment. All good intentional feedback is valuble and welcome.

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Hay there! I am also an official affiliate of  Adobe software. Check out the link below! I use there amazing Creative Cloud package in all my projects. If you wanna be a pro? Using professional tools is the way to go. Just my humble cowboy opinion. DMC