About Me

Rick Hendriks Digital Entrepreneur 

Howdy, I’m Rick!
Video creator, Actor and Digital Entrepreneur

In the World Wild West, people know me as DMC, Digital Marketing Cowboy. Why this online persona? Well, I have discovered that after making loads of video content as myself (Rick) using this archetype (the cowboy) created a much better, instant connection to people. A connection to all the attributes people already associates with a cowboy. Apart from this advantage Its also just because I love to create videos and have so much fun playing characters. I Thought: If I’m going to put in all this time and energy to create my online company. I might as well do the thing I’m passionate about. The extra energy of FUN also comes threw into my tutorials or message.


As an actor/artist, it seems like such a different world. Getting out there and selling yourself.  I have always had an aversion to the word marketing. Made me think of ‘Big Bad Companies manipulating people.’ So I’d like to share a different interpretation of the word:


To connect with people and create real inspirational relationships.

My Approach & Values

For me, Marketing is definitely not about manipulating people. Putting up fear or pushing on pain points, adding time constraints (Just some of marketing mambo jumbo jargon I’ve picked up on the old trail). Even though these techniques are used a lot in marketing, this is not what I want to do. Even though manipulation works, that doesn’t mean you have to use it. 

It truly is a World Wild West on the Internet today. Amazing new possibilities but also new rules and laws, in a brand new economy. For me it’s personal journey getting to learn new ways of connecting and putting value out there to help others. 


As artists, musicians, or actors, we are always a bit of a rebel.
Seeing or hearing things in our unique way and not just accepting what we have learned. Wanting to create our own versions of the truth. This is an essential and crucial quality for expanding our creative mind.

BUT, it can also be a creative’s greatest pitfall and blindspot. I have learned to say to myself, ‘SIMPLIFY’ and ‘DON’T REINVENT EVERYTHING .’ Creatives always overcomplicate things. Yup… I am guilty of this too!

Many creative people are amazingly talented at their art. Still, when it comes to putting that Art in front of the right people, selling it, generating income, Step back and get a little business-minded they can somehow lose track and totally forget that creative side.