How to put together a team, that shares your values? That will stand by you on your mountain journey? 
Saddle up in Workshop 1.

Getting yourself found as an artist, between all the tall trees and talents on the internet is an art in itself!
Find out how in Workshop 2.

How to use social media to connect with your audience?
Be aware! Your Facebook page and YouTube channel, are never really yours.
Discover more in Workshop 3.

Sharing your value. Transforming what you create into something of value for others. Inviting your audience to connect with you and giving them a reason to do so.
Learn the skills in Workshop 4.

Why creating a contact list of your audience
is so important. People buy from people they know like and trust. Don’t be anything but yourself.
Answers in Workshop 5.

Your website is not an online promo folder.
Bring it alive, make it ‘The Place’ from which all your content derives. Not just an old cabin in the hills.
Answers in Workshop 6.

-DMC’s Email Workshop-

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