–What’s Your Marketing Weapon?-

    Laughter and humor. What an amazing space to be in. It’s one of the greatest connectors that we have in our lives. It has a positive impact on our health and well-being. It boosts our immunity. It lowers our stress levels, relaxes our muscles and improves our memory and cognitive functioning.

    It’s just an incredible tool that we have at the snap of our fingers. Here’s where it’s related to your Video marketing business.The social business benefits included strengthening relationships and building connections and enhancing rapport. That’s what we want in our videos, isn’t it?

    Laughing can bring a new perspective on life and foster a positive attitude. It pushes out those negative emotions and it can uplift our moods. And it just fosters fun. Which fuels our energy.
    Humor is a key ingredient in our creative thinking and it helps us to play with ideas and to see things in a new way. When people use humor, they tend to be more approachable, especially as a leader. More honest and open people around you will be if you’re humorous.

    Text form my dear friend Irene Webster. One of the great mentors at SFM.


    Good luck Digital Cowboy or Cowgirl.
    Keep m videos rolling…


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